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UltraPure North West Window Cleaners provide professional window cleaning services to all businesses and domestic properties.

Whether you have business premises, a house or a flat, we are fully committed to giving you the best quality work at the most competitive prices. Set up in 2003 UltraPure North West Window Cleaners have over 10 years of experience in professional window cleaning.

We are happy to offer free no-obligation quotes. The services we offer are designed to get the best results at the most competitive prices. At UltraPure North West window cleaners in bolton our staff are fully trained to use all methods of window cleaning systems available; including traditional, pure water clean and reach and wash systems.

We offer many other cleaning services including, exterior cladding and fascia board cleaning. bolton window and gutter cleaners has an expanding customer base, located throughout the Greater Manchester area, including: shops, offices, warehouses, showrooms and apartment blocks.

We also specialise in interior window cleaning. Contract work always welcome.

UltraPure North West window cleaners serve Bolton, wigan, leigh, darwen, belmont, lostock, saint helens, atherton, bury, heywood, many more, not only do we window clean domestically we specialise in commercial window cleaning.

Not only do we window clean throughout the bolton greater manchester region, we also provide professional gutter cleaning weather your a commercial building or even a private house owner, gutter and drain cleaning, giv


UltraPure North West Window Cleaning Bolton have been established since 1989 and have become Bolton and the North West's leading commercial and residential window cleaners. Our window cleaning contracts range from small residential blocks through to large commercial, high rise and corporate office buildings in the heart of Boltons City and surrounding areas of Greater Greater Manchester. Our access cleaning methods include cradles, abseiling, cherry pickers, traditional ladders, safety harnesses and Thermopure (hot water) Reach and Wash water-fed pole system. UltraPure's Thermopure Reach and Wash pole cleaning system uses the very latest in hot water purification technology and enables us to access and reach heights in excess of 80ft from the safety of the ground. This reduces risk, saves time and most importantly saves money.

UltraPure North West window cleaners offer a complete and comprehensive range of additional cleaning and maintenance services as well as professional window cleaning that includes, Eyebolt installation, testing and certification, safety latchway (man-safe) testing, carpet and floor cleaning, high pressure jet washing and general estate maintenance.

UltraPure North West window cleaning services employ a dynamic team of highly experienced Window Cleaning access tecnicians to carry out our contracts in Bolton to commercial buildings and blocks. All staff are trained to IRATA level 2 and 3 standards and are heath and safety compliant.

We also have a fleet of hydraulic platforms, also known as Cherry pickers to carry out window cleaning in Bolton and the West up to 32 meters. All our cherry picker staff are IPAF trained and quite often we can combine the use of Cherry picker and Reach and Wash together to access difficult commercial buildings.

UltraPure North West guarantees to find a cost effective solution to any window cleaning cleaning task. We are proud of being able to offer a complete service to assist the Facilities and Property Management industry. Please call us to arrange for a free quotation and site survey.


Gutter Cleaning in Bolton

It can be easy to overlook the cleaning of gutters because of the mess involved and especially because of access dificulties and personal safety but it remains a very important part of your properties weather proofing system. Your gutters are there for a very good reason which is to divert the flow of water coming from your roof away from your property, if this doesn't happen the water can seep into your property causing damage which can be very expensive to repair.
UltraPure North West gutter clearing & cleaning services can clear your gutters of dirt, debri and even plant life then clean them inside and out from the safety of the ground very quickly and cost effectively using a high powered gutter vaccuum system and telescopic carbon fibre poles fitted with strong purpose made brushes. Chemicals may be needed to remove stubborn stains but these are safe and environmentally friendly natural products and are rinsed away using pure water.


solar panel cleaner in bolton

Some solar panel manufacturers and installers will tell you that solar panels don't need to be cleaned but sadly this isn't strictly true, solar panels in Bolton, Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK suffer from the elements just as much as your windows do, more in fact as because of their postition and angle. They are prone to dust, dirt, leaves and bird droppings settling on them and a dirty solar panel will not be as efficient as a clean solar panel. in fact the Solar Energy Power Association states that dirty solar panels can lose 20% of their energy output when dirty, the National Renewable Energy Labaratory puts that figure a little higher at 25% but University Research has shown recently that the figure is closer to 50% loss in output when extremely dirty.
If your panels are already dirty don't worry because UltraPure North West in Bolton, Manchester, Darwen, Wigan can clean them quickly and efficiently using only pure water, lightweight telescopic carbon fibre poles and purpose made soft bristled brushes from the safety of the ground. You could start recouping the small outlay of having solar panel cleaning instantly, because you would regain the output from your solar panels that the dirt causes and you could also save money or gain revenue as well in the long run.
UltraPure North West solar panel cleaners in Bolton recommend having your panels cleaning at least once a year, preferably just before summer so that you can take full advantage of the longer, warmer days throughout the summer months but your solar panels would also benifit from a clean just before winter also as the days are shorter and colder so you really should take advantage of what little sunshine that Purley does get.


window cleaner in bolton

We have been providing a professional commercial window cleaning service in and around Bolton for many years now. We understand that every commercial client is unique and therefore will require a window cleaning service to reflect this. We like to work very closely with our clients in order to provide the most competitive and efficient window cleaning solution available


commercial window cleaner in bolton

The presentation of your property matters whether it's your business premises or your home and Ultrapure North West window cleaners in Bolton, Lancashire go further than any other company to deliver the service and cleanliness that you need because it not only matters to you it matters to us too and we take pride in our commitment to that.

Window cleaning is a skilled trade which has undergone huge transformations as windows have gotten higher, larger and integral to building design and at Ultrapure North West we provide a professional window cleaning service to all clients whether your property is large, small, commercial, industrial, residential or domestic.  We are well aware that each client and their property has specific requirements therefore all of Ultrapure North Wests services are tailored to their specific needs.

Ultrapure North West window cleaning in Bolton, Lancashire use the very latest pure water technology to clean your windows because it is the best and the safest way to do so.  This enables us to leave your windows spotless everytime, your frames are also left clean as this is an integral part of the pure water window cleaning process but not only that it means we can carry out all cleaning safely from the ground and within the latest health & safety guidelines.

Staff at Ultrapure window cleaning in Bolton are City & Guilds qualified and are fully insured for liability.

Risk assessments and method statements are also compiled for all commercial premises and are available on request.

We Clean Windows Commercial or domestic, in Lostock,bolton, Hindley, Wigan, Leigh, Radcliffe, Many more !