Window Cleaner in Tonge Moor Bolton

We cover this area! give us a ring for a quote or use the quote function on the website. 07415737737

We clean the windows aswell as the frames, cills, front/back doors, thats what makes us different from the traditional window cleaner,

We Clean conservatories, Gutters - internal and external, solar panels, Motorhomes, Vehicle Detailing, Many more in and around the bolton, leigh, wigan area, give us a ring!


Commercial Window Cleaner in Bolton Wigan Leigh Bury

If your looking for a Commercial Window Cleaner in Bolton wigan leigh bury or any surrounding town to bolton, look no further, Ultrapure north west are Fully insured and covered for (£5 ,000,000) and Fully CRB checked.

Not only do we Commercial Window Clean, we also Clean normal residential houses and big build houses, We Also Gutter Clean in Bolton Wigan Leigh Bury, We do a bit of Powerwashing in Bolton wigan Leigh - this is a new service that we have only just started doing so call for more information.

If your looking for a Gutter cleaning service from Ultrapure north west then give us a call, depending how bad your gutters are blocked we can offer a brilliant quote.

We specialise in Property Maintenance in Bolton bury wigan leigh, wether its a bit of pressure/power washing you need, gutters, windows, fascias, garage doors, Solar panel cleaning in bolton bury wigan leigh, let ultrapure north west be at your service :)


School Window cleaner, gutter cleaner and solar panel cleaner in Bolton Wigan Leigh Bury Manchester


Look no further, if your looking for a school window cleaner in bolton wigan leigh bury manchester - basically bolton and surrounding towns. Not only do we specialise in Window Cleaning Outside and inside, We also do Gutter Cleaning in the bolton wigan leigh bury and manchester area, ALSO we do Solar panel cleaning!

Fully insured, Full CRB checks and amazing results at a fantastic price - Why would you want to look elsewere!

Cleaning School Windows are something we specialise in and do have contracts as of today we have 12 school cleaning contracts, (14/03/2014)

For more information on this service, give us a call or feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - for all your school cleaning issues.



commercial window cleaner leigh bury bolton wigan


Commercial window, frame & sill cleaning

We can clean any windows on any building large or small up to a height of 70 ft. We will also provide you with the most professional and safe service that you can find. We have all of the relevant health and safety certificates and insurance and because of the use of our “Hot pure water reach & wash system” there is no risk of ladder damage to your property. 

We offer a flexible service to suit your needs seven days a week. Whether our services are required weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we can assure you of our total commitment and best service every time. 

Domestic window, frame & sill cleaning

Unlike other cleaning services, when we clean your windows we don’t just clean the glass. We also clean your frames and sills. We do this by using our unique “Hot pure water reach & wash system” which guarantees that when we leave you, your window frames, sills and glass will all be in pristine condition.



gutter cleaner in wigan leigh bury bolton -

Due to a build up of debris such as leaves and moss, most gutters end up either blocked or overflowing which if left for long periods of time can cause gutter damage or even internal overflow into your property.

Unlike our competitors, there is no need for ladders and buckets which can be time consuming and messy.

Our Gutter-vac system provides a reach of 45 ft. with a special Stainless Steel shaped head that breaks up and loosens any form of debris and sucks it directly into a sealed container which is disposed of by us.

By using the camera fitted to the top of the pole, we can monitor our progress from ground level.

Not only does this system allow us to see what we are doing, it also provides before and after the video giving our customers total satisfaction and peace of mind



solar panel cleaner wigan leigh bury bolton


Over time solar panels will develop a build up of dirt and pollution from the atmosphere. This will reduce their sunlight capture which will lower their efficiency. To prevent this we strongly recommend that Solar Panels are cleaned annuall...y to maintain their maximum performance

Our “pure water reach & wash system”, cleans your solar panels by using hot pure water with a soft brush head which cleans most thorough. Furthermore, all the water required for cleaning is supplied directly from our vehicle and does not rely on our customer’s water supply.
Our system also allows us to reach a height of 70 ft. from the ground. This usually eliminates the need for ladders, expensive scaffolding and walking on your roof which can cause tile damage.