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Are you looking for a Window Cleaner in Wigan ? We carry our services across Wigan and all surrounding towns of Wigan. A list of the Towns we serve are; Leigh, Ashton-inMakerfield, Ince-in-Makerfield, Hindley, Orrell, Standish, Atherton, Tyldesley, Golborne, Lowton, Billinge, Astley, Haigh and Aspull


Commercial WIndow Cleaners in Wigan-Leigh-Bolton-Warrington-Manchester


UltraPure North West commercial window cleaners offer the best commercial window cleaning services in town, do your current window cleaners not turn up on time or on the right date? when they do turn up are they rushing the job resulting in the finish being compromised? If your answer is yes to them questions then you need to get in touch with us. Here we pride ourselves on our professional approach on all jobs and we often have our customers tell us how good our work is and how reliable we are and often recommending us to friends, some say there last commercial cleaners were sometimes upto a week late and then the next month a week early, some say there last contractors used to leave the windows streaky and never did the window frames or sills.


If your answer is no they dont? then why not? here at UltraPure North West Commercial Window Cleaning Services we include the frames and sills as standard! We feel they should be cleaned with every clean, because a dirty frame is going to make the glass dirty as soon as it rains, cleaning the frames and sills keeps your glass cleaner for longer! Get in touch with us for a free quote we guarentee satisfactory is met.

Upon agreeing to the quote you receive copies of all insurances, risk and method statements and dates of all appointments. We send an invoice every month and like to keep it as simple as that.





Window Cleaning - Upvc Fascia Cleaning - Gutter Cleaning - Gutter Fascia Cleaning - Cladding Cleaning Wigan/Bolton/Bury/Manchester/Warrington

Window Cleaning - Upvc Fascia Cleaning - Gutter Cleaning - Gutter Fascia Cleaning - Cladding Cleaning Wigan/Bolton/Bury/Manchester/Warrington Upvc facia cleaning in Wigan, Bolton and Leigh offering a full upvc exterior clean on your property.


Some pictures below of some Gutter Cleaning in Wigan-Bolton-Leigh-Bury-Warrington as you can see from the pictures the gutters needed unblocking and once that part of the job was completed we cleaned the upvc fascias and gutter fascias and all the cladding and im sure you will agree the results are beautiful. Regular maintenance of all your Upvc is crucial because if left for too long dirt and grime embeds into the upvc plastic and will not come off.

We offer a facia cleaning service in Wigan, Bolton, Leigh, Warringon and Manchester, the first time we come when there at the worst state we can get them looking nice and new again, we can also maintain them looking that good by offering a once a year top up clean which will cost a lot cheaper as they wont be as dirty and you can enjoy your property looking nice and clean throughout the year then. If you contact us we can usually provide a quote within 24 hours and can usually have the work completed when is most convienient for the customer.

We get a lot of customers complaining of marks left on there facia boards that wont come out, which is usually from previous cleaners using chemicals too strong and burning away the protective clearcoat on the upvc, we use totally eco friendly non caustic chemicals which is how upvc manufactureres recommend they are serviced.

Along with Upvc Fascias and Gutter Cleaning, another service that also improves the look of your property, Window Cleaning in Wigan-Bolton-Leigh-Warrington-Bury-Manchester We serve the whole of the greater manchester area, the system we use to Clean Windows means we also Clean Your Frames and Sills, and just like the upvc fascia and gutter cleaning, if your window frames and sills are left with dirt on for so long the dirt will also embed into them and take away there shine, Commercial Window Cleaning Or Regular home/residential Window Cleaning give us a call for a free quote, we can reach to them ''awkward'' windows that maybe a window cleaner that uses ladders would have to stand on some sort of roof to get too.