Top 3 Window Cleaning Companies in Wigan

Top 3 Window Cleaning Companies in Wigan

It comes as no surprise to us, we have been voted the top 3 window cleaning companies in Wigan.

We are proud to announce that we have been voted top 3 window cleaning business's in Wigan 2020 by We are constantly updating our equipment to provide the best quality window cleaning available, brushes, carbon fibre telescopic poles, magic sponges, bronze woolpads, these are just a few of the things we use to keep everyones windows looking lovely and clean on our round.

We cover the whole of Wigan, including Westhoughton and Chew Moor, we offer a once a month schedule window cleaning service, as-well as other services;

Gutter cleaning

Upvc Facia cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Power Washing

With Christmas 2020 only around the corner its not to late to get booked in for any of the services, we have been extra busy this year which has led to us expanding and getting more vans on the road and that would not be possible without having our great and loyal customer base.  We go that extra bit further for our customers, we include the frames and sills with every clean, every evening before your clean you get an automated text reminder; just to remind you to leave your side gate unlocked for us.  We have an online direct debit system for easy payments too.