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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Specialist

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Does your business depend on the electricity generated from solar panels or does that power make up a large portion of the energy that your company uses ?

If the answer is yes then you really do need to look after the equipment that is generating that power to benefit from them. According to the National Renewable Energy Labaratory it is estimated that dirty panels can lose 25% or more of their performance so with a 25% drop in performance comes a 25% drop in electricity those panels will generate.

When talking about large commercial and industrial arrays or farms this loss can be astronomical so it is very prudent to keep them at maximum capacity allowing them to harness as much solar radiation as they possibly can.

This can only be achieved by keeping them clean so that dirt and grime don't stop the suns heat getting through and Ultrapure North West can achieve that quickly and very cost effectively, we can also provide ongoing regular maintenance cleaning to ensure maximum output constantly. We recommend professional cleaning at least once a year, ideally though every 6 - 8 months, once in spring and again just before winter to keep the output at it's optimum levels.

Ultrapure North West specialise in pure water cleaning using high reach telescopic carbon fibre poles, purpose made brushes and pure, deionised water. On occasion cleaning solutions may need to be used on extremely heavily soiled arrays and these are professional grade degreasers and cleansers that are purpose made and will not harm your solar panels at all.

We Clean small solar panel installations and larger commercial Solar Farms in and around Leigh; Bolton, Wigan and Greater Manchester.




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