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UltraPure North West Window Cleaners in Leigh-Wigan-Bolton-Bury-Manchester-Warrington window clean all over anywhere in greater Manchester and surrounding towns, we have quite a lot of customers in Lostock Bolton, lots of big houses some of which are 3 and 4 storeys high, this is no problem for us as we use high reach telescopic poles, so we can clean your windows safely from the ground.

A lot of customers prefer this method not just because it’s safer, but because if you work funny hours, you don’t get woken up to the window cleaner with his ladder on your bedroom window.

Our window cleaning system is custom made and fitted to the van, it has a series of filters on it that remove the minerals from the water, thus leaving you a streak free finish when we clean your windows but not only that we clean your frames and sills at no extra cost

If your looking for a window cleaner in lostock Bolton or anywhere in the greater Manchester area then give us a call for a free quote, we can usually do it over the phone for you.



Looking for a window Cleaner in Wigan-Leigh-Warrington-Bolton and surrounding towns?


This week has been hectic, the phone is off the hook, our emails are going nuts, when the sun is out it shows the imperfections on your windows, and I think all this hot weather is why we have been busier than usual lately



We at UltraPure North your number one regular and commercial window cleaners in greater Manchester and surrounding towns, 50% of our window cleaning work consists of elderly care homes, nursing homes, schools, office blocks and so on the remaining 50% are 2/3 bed detached semi detached houses, all the way upto 10 and 15 bed detached houses.

Whether your looking for a window cleaner for your home OR business, give us a call we will be more than happy to put together a package and quote that suits you best. We window clean in wigan-leigh-bolton-oldham-bury-warrington-st helens and all surrounding towns for all your regular and commercial window cleaning .

Don’t Forget, when we clean a window, we don’t just focus our attention on the glass itself, we focus on the frames and sills too. For all your window cleaning in wigan-leigh-warrington-bolton-bury-oldham-manchester-st helens and all surrounding towns window cleaning.



Looking for a new Regular or Commercial Window Cleaner in Leigh-Wigan-Bolton-Warrington?


For all your commercial window cleaning in leigh-wigan-bolton-warrington We work on jobs of all sizes, we are commercial and residential window cleaners but also we have Commercial vehicle cleaning contracts for big haulage companies, Care home window cleaning contracts, School window cleaning contracts and so on.

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For your piece of mind, your hiring the most professional window cleaning company that are around, we use the latest technology in window cleaning that enables us to clean windows to a better standard whilst keeping costs down still, When we clean a window we don’t just window clean the glass, we clean the WHOLE of the window, the window sill and frame. Thus having a whole better finish on the end result. Not only better for you but much safer for us as well. The amount of window cleaner’s I’ve heard of falling from a ladder and then there career is down the pan because they are unable to work is unbelievable… Back on the subject of our work, some people ask why when we are cleaning windows with our water fed poles, how come we don’t dry the window afterwards? A lot of customers think that this is going to cause streaks and smears however this is not the case, the water we use is completely purified meaning before we fill our tank the water goes through a series of different types of filters which each take out different minerals in the water, bringing the water down to a tds of 000, tds stands for total dissolved solids.

So when the window dries, because there are no minerals in the water, it leaves a completely streak free finish.


We are the ultimate Regular Residential or Commercial Window Cleaners in Leigh-Wigan-Bolton-Warrington- and all surrounding towns. No job is too big or small.



If your looking for a window cleaner in wigan-leigh-bolton then you have come to the right place

Here at UltraPure North West we are dedicated to providing a top quality window cleaning service here in Leigh-Wigan-Bolton and surrounding towns. From small residential buildings to big commercial buildings our work ranges but no job is too small or big for us, pick up your phone and call us or email, We always have 5 mins to have a chat about work that needs taking on.

When you take us on to clean your windows, included in the service at no extra charge is your upvc or wooden frames, and sills, as we say this is at NO EXTRA COST. This is just how much pride we at UltraPure North West take into our work. It gives a much better finish and we think it is a must! And of course as said above, this is at no extra cost, we have to keep prices low to keep up with competition, but rest assure we are the finest window cleaning company in leigh-wigan and Bolton, greater-Manchester, Lancashire. When it comes to keeping your windows clean in wigan-leigh-bolton, we recommend once per month cleans, we do have a lot of clientele that choose every 2 weeks, some that choose every 6 or 8 weeks to get there windows cleaned. A month seems to be perfect in our opinion; by the next month we come around they are just about to get dirty again. So once a month is efficient but of course if you have a keen interest in keeping your windows spotless then once every 2 weeks is also a good route.

No job is too big or too small.

Window Cleaning in leigh-wigan-bolton-bury-warrington and surrounding towns



Window Cleaner in Wigan and Bolton

If your looking for a window cleaner in wigan and bolton then you have come to the right place, here at ultrapure north west we strive to be the best in the business, for all your window cleaning in wigan and bolton give us a call, we serve commercial properties aswell as residential homes, we can Window Clean in Wigan and bolton any building any size. No Job is too big or small, we work on jobs that consist of 1000's of windows, down to houses with only 6 windows.

What makes us so unique from the typical Window cleaner in Wigan and bolton is we use high reach window cleaning tools, this enables us to clean safely from the ground, with our telescopic poles we can clean upto 80ft high, depending on weather conditions.

This eliminates the need for heavy machinery, which costs a fortune, lets face it nobody wants to spend £thousands of pounds just for getting there windows cleaned, but the sad truth is there are a lot of companies that do spend over the odds on there window cleaning bill, because some window cleaners dont use water fed poles they do it by hand so to get to the high windows they have to hire the expensive equipment to take them to the window.

im keeping this short as i have a few quotes to do in 10 mins, a care home and a hotel. then its back to work! thanks for reading my blogs.