Power Washing in Wigan

Power Washing in Wigan

Using a commercial rated power washer we bring your driveway and patio back up to brand new. 


We cover all of Wigan and Bolton, driveways and patios over time get slippy in the wet with the dirt that has collected through the seasons.  We bring the life back from underneath all that dirt, using no chemicals just high pressure water from our commercial rated power washing machine.  If its something that youve been looking at having done get in touch, we will come around to have a quick look at the job and give you a price for the work, upon agreement we will clean the surfaces and return on a nice dry day to re-sand the gaps.

We cover houses and homes, as well as commercial pressure and jet washing contract work.

NO chemicals used so we are completely pet friendly.

Get in touch for a quote and let us restore your surfaces.