Investing in Apple's new Iphone X 10 and the Apple Watch

With the new apple products being unveiled we will be investing in the new tecnology and implmenting it into the business.  We are always looking for ways to be more efficent because that equals keeping customer costs down.  The new Iphone 10 will be available for pre order around the end of september 2017 and the new apple watch is already available for order.  



While cleaning windows and taking calls can be sometimes quite tricky, with the new Apple watch things will now be easier.  We use the apple air pads to organise our round and collect payments via card or direct debit.  Apple play a big part in the small but mighty UltraPure North West Window Cleaning business.  

We find the iphone to be a lot more popular when texting customers as most are on imessenger which is great if a customer wants to send you pictures of a job and also free.  Another great feature is the air pods which are apples wireless earbud headphones these are great for taking calls hands free.  An automated voice speaks the name of the person calling your phone and to answer you simple tap your earphone.

We are always looking for ways to improve the business and work more efficently, productive and time effective.  The Apple range always seem to make things that little bit easier and that is why we use them.