High Reach Window Cleaner in Sale Manchester

High Reach Window Cleaner in Sale Manchester

Using carbon fibre poles we can clean buildings upto five stories high and can also clean hard to reach windows.  This method of cleaning enables us to clean windows that your window cleaner might not be able to access if he cleans the traditional way with tools and a ladder but for us its easy we can reach over tree's, conservatories and other obstructions with ease with our lightweight window cleaning ''sticks'' as some customers call them.


With our high reach window cleaning poles we work all over Sale in manchester compromising of commercial and residential work, we work on commercial properties and houses all over the area.  If you have a commercial premesis or your home has windows your current window cleaning cant get to and you would like us to come on a once per calendar month schedule and clean your windows i can usually get a quote back to you within 24 hours.  Typically most customers choose to have there windows cleaned on a once per calendar month schedule and everytime we come we always clean the window frames and sills.

To remind our residential customers to leave access to the rear of the property we send an automated text reminder the night before each clean so you know exactly what day where coming to clean your windows and we hav access to the rear for the back windows.

Residential customers no longer have to have the hasstle of a knock on your door for payments, we have a direct debit payment setup on the website so all future payments are taken automatically 5 days after your windows have been cleaned.  No more having to let your food go cold while you pay the window cleaner.

We offer loyalty discounts to customers who have had there windows cleaned for longer than 6 months with us, which incluldes gutter clearing for those wet winter months, upvc facia cleaning and solar panel cleaning for those nice shiny summer months.  with our loyalty discount you receive around a 30% reduction on any of the addition services and we think thats how it should be, with what started as a small high reach window cleaning business in sale manchester consisting of commercial and residential homes has rapidly grown into the round it is today thanks to you.