Birds flying into windows after they have been cleaned

This week is a sad week for us at UltraPure North West window cleaners, we keep experiencing small birds and pigeons flying into the glass after we have cleaned the windows.




I arrived home on friday from work to a call from one of our customers in the Lostock area of Bolton to tell of a small blue tit bird that had crashed into the glass and fell to its death the poor thing. It's because we do such an amazing job keeping the glass that pristine that the birds dont know its there. It is a common thing and unfortunately theres not much you can do to stop it other than putting up banners are getting some ornaments in your windows maybe.

With summer being over and autumn and winter ahead of us now would be the time to have your gutters cleaned and ready for all the rain and debris to come. Birds nests in gutters are a common thing and we are frequented with gutter cleans which alot of times includes rescuing small birds.

We dont offer a bee's or wasps nest removal service but can pass on your details to other companies who do.