using a magic sponge to clean windows

This is a small blog just to cover what you can do with magic sponge or aswell known as magic erasers.




We use the magic sponges to clean windows especially on first cleans, they work into the upvc frames and upvc sills really well, the surface is abrasive and when used with the right chemicals it can remove the grey discoloured faded parts of your window frames and sills.

They are completely safe to use on most surfaces and you can pick them up pretty cheap on ebay if you buy them in bulk, we buy them buy the thousand and they dont last long because we are constantly using them to maintain our customers window frames and sills and what a difference they make. They are especially good on bits of dirt that may have embedded into the upvc where chemicals are not working. When combined with different chemicals for different situations they can work very well for window cleaners and thats why we use them.